Lottery: Game and Its Players


Today we will talk about lotteries in different countries. It is a very interesting topic how different nationalities behave in the case of winning and losing. The average probability of winning a big jackpot in the lottery is 1 chance to 120 million. Interesting statistics: about 70% of recipients of large prizes are not able to preserve or augment an unexpected draw. Moreover, the lottery winners usually bankrupt their financial status after a couple of years. The main explanation of this paradox is inexperience in handling large sums of money. 60% of Europeans play the lotteries. The average German spends ‘for luck’ about $ 800 a year, an Englishman – $ 150.

According to experts people of middle and low income usually play the lotteries. Many people buy a ticket just for the sake of the game not expecting to win. Such players do not believe that they will really get the money.

The second category is the people who want to hit the jackpot. They have invented their own systems of ‘patterns of numbers’ and played over years. By the way, it is proved that there is no system due to which you can win.

In Greece 100 million are managed to sell for three days at the country’s population of 10 million. The Australian lotteries bring the country’s budget $ 3 million each year.

In one Russian city a lottery for tickets was staged to make passengers regularly pay the transit. Naturally, many want to be winners rather than to organize verbal battles with the controller. Transporters were right. Within three weeks their income was tripled. It turns out to Russian folk tales the hero’s success is often viewed solely as luck rather than as a reward for their own works. According to psychologists this is why craving for lotteries in Russian lies at the genetic level.

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